100 EUR per track *

* price may vary depending on the complexity of the project, please contact me to determine the final price

For anyone interested please send me the song first so I can analyse it and get back to you with all the details regarding my work.

The creation of the mix takes 2-4 working days. On request I can perform the service faster.


  • Please try to remember to name accurately all the audio files, for example bass instrument – bass.wav, hihats – hihat.wav, vocals – vocals.wav etc.
  • Please export all the tracks from within your project as audio files (including your automation, fx etc). Just remember to remove all the dynamic effects on you master chain before export. Finally please remember about proper gain staging. In order to get the best results your average volume of your project should be around -18 to -12 RMS. If you are not certain about some of this stuff please contact me and I will help you with this part of work.
  • audio track resolution should be a minimum of 24 bit/44.1 khz, it allows to obtain high-quality mix, I can work also in other resolutions, please mention that when uploading a project.
  • Please specify the exact BPM in your project
  • Please send me your rough mix so I can also focus on the direction where you wanted to go with your music. Reference tracks from your genre are welcome to (youtube, soundcloud links are fine for listening purposes).

When my work is finished you will receive the audio file audio file in resolution (link with the address to download the file):

  • 44.1 khz/24 bit WAV

If you have ordered mastering service with me you will also receive files in CD and mp3 quality:

  • 44.1 khz/16 bit WAV (CD quality)
  • MP3 320 kbs (best compression)

File transfer:

  • For file transfer please use wetransfer.com (2gb limit) or airbrigde.com (if you need bigger space, up to 20 gb).