Mastering per track costs 25 EUR *. Stem mastering costs 50 EUR. 

* stem mastering – finalising the project based on the exported group of instruments. percussion, vocals, instruments, effects, etc. Thanks to this formula, you can get a better final result; if you are interested in this service please contact me to confirm all the details

It takes me 2 working days to finish the job. On request I can perform this service faster (please contact me through email first).

Once mastering is done you will receive all the files on your email.

  • 44.1 khz/16 bit WAV (CD quality)
  • 44.1 khz/24 bit WAV
  • MP3 320 kbs (best compression)

On request I can also send files in other extensions such as. FLAC, AAF, AIF (please specify which are required in the email).

In my work I always try to find the right proportion between required volume and dynamics. If you want your song/mix really loud please let me know about that before I start to work.

File transfer:

  • For file transfer please use (2gb limit) or (if you need bigger space, up to 20 gb).


  • the name of the audio file should be the song title/artist name
  • Please send only finite tracks
  • Please upload files in 24 bit/44.1- 96khz,
  • the general rule when creating a track or mix is such that the sum of the volume of all audio tracks should be between -18 to -12 db before they hit 0 db (headroom), please note that when you create a mix that will give me a lot of flexibility when mastering your tracks (if you have any questions about this issue please contact me first)/
  • i will need your mixed project without any dynamic effects on your master chain. this will ensure the best final quality of your track
  • please specify in few word what are your main goals about finalising your. any reference files from your genre are welcome (youtube, soundcloud links are sufficient for this).